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Recruiting services in Ukraine

Labour market index of Ukraine as of Fabruary 21, 2013

Association of Regional Recruitment Agencies ARKA and Navigator Consulting Company together with the largest job websites inform about change in Labour market index of Ukraine as of Fabruary 21, 2013. Labour market index shows change of demand and supply, Ukrainian labour market trends over the past 6 weeks.
Index growth indicates increase in demand for personnel in Ukraine. Index fall indicates that it is getting more difficult for an average job seeker to get a job.

The index of the labor market for the week rose by 39 points
Employers are seeing increased activity in the last five weeks. The demand for personnel is steadily growing.

Index takes into account 3 factors:
ratio of total amount of resumes to job vacancies posted on the leading job websites (labour market demand and supply);
ratio of employer activity (posting of vacancies) to job seeker activity (posting of resumes) within the given week (changes in demand/supply);
total amount of job vacancies posted on the websites research participants (overall demand for human resources).

Selection of job applicants for an increase of 7 points in the last week. Job growth outstrips growth in the number of active job seekers.
Note: the calculation takes into account not only the total number of vacancies and resumes posted on job-sites, but the number of new, emerging in the last 7 days.

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